I’ve made my CHOICE. And Trigon won’t hurt anyone, EVER again.
"Hello I'm Raven, Raven Roth. It's a pleasure...really..."

[[Independent Raven DC roleplayer, but will roleplay with everyone. Multi-ship friendly~. NSFW 18+]]

Main Faceclaim: Rachel Dashae
Secondry Faceclaim: Lucy Hale
The soul searcher

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Okay everyone mega tired from all the house work I did today. Pretty much cleaned my mother whole house while she across state. I also have work in the morning so  I really need to sleep. 

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My character vanishes one day. About a year later your character spots them out in public with a baby! How does your character react?


holding baby

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My muse is dancing alone. Your muse walks in on them. - What does your muse do? Laugh? Offer to dance too? Start beatboxing? Stay there, entranced?


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"Raven stop being so damn pretty"


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Muse A is kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on. Turns out these scientists were people Muse B used to work for and are trying to get back at Muse B for leaving. Now, Muse B knows what is going to happen and they muse race against time in order to save Muse A before it’s too late.

Twist #1: Muse B is too late and has to watch as Muse A dies.

Twist #2: Muse B gets there just in time to watch Muse A turn into an emotionless killer like the scientists wanted.

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