I’ve made my CHOICE. And Trigon won’t hurt anyone, EVER again.
"Hello I'm Raven, Raven Roth. It's a pleasure...really..."

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Main Faceclaim: Rachel Dashae
Secondry Faceclaim: Lucy Hale
The soul searcher

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" You’ve got to be kidding me…

"If you don’t rest, you won’t heal."


"Nonsense. My body will heal no matter what I do?" Loki wince as he sat up. "Besides…I have enemies. Staying here will only get you involve." He grin or at lest try to. "Your healing powers are quite impressive."  

" Of course, that big gash and bruised rips are ‘not’ going to slow your body healing time at all.” She voiced with laced in sarcasm. Her own wounds healed rather quickly.” And I have your blood stain on my dress now. I’m pretty sure I’m involved at this point.

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Send me an anonymous opinion of my portrayal. Criticism is encouraged. I don’t want to know who it is I just want to improve.

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"Normally, I am this rude.
You should get over it by now.”


" You act as if I honestly care about your poor manners.”

" As ghastly as they are.

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|REACTION MEME| Bruised and Broken Version


  • "Woah, when did you get that?"
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "How many time have I told you to be more careful?"
  • "You’re saying this was an accident?"
  • "What a shiner!"
  • "If you look like this, I’d hate to see the other guy."
  • "I’m not buying it, you don’t walk into a door and get a bruise like that!"
  • "Does it hurt when I touch it?"
  • "Let me kiss it better."
  • "If you don’t rest, you won’t heal."
  • "Another fight?"
  • "What happened to your face?"
  • "I don’t think your arm is meant to bend like that…"
  • "Let’s get you to bed."
  • "Let’s get you to the hospital."
  • "Why are you so calm about this?"
  • "You’re bleeding!"
  • "What are friends for, ey?"
  • "So, instead of helping you, they ran off the moment they saw what was happening?"
  • "You need to look where you’re going."
  • "I’m not accusing anyone, I’m just saying it looks suspicious."
  • "Do you want to tell me what really happened?"
  • "Don’t move! You’ll faint!"
  • "I’ve got some bandages, wait a sec."
  • "You’re the clumsiest person I know."
  • "I won’t let you be on your own, not when you’re like this."
  • "How could you be so careless?"
  • "I can’t even look at you, you promised not to get into any more fights!"
  • "H-how many of them were there?"
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    ”Richard Grayson. A friend, if you’d like.”


    ” Grayson…And why have you sought me out? ”

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She held on to him a little more giving him a little squeeze before she released him.” Well I’m very pleased you like it so much." Raven said with a small smile.  

"Like it? Rae, I love it… Be lucky if I ever take this that off." He pull back before taking a hold of Raven’s shoulders and kiss her impulsively.

She was about to say how happy she was that he liked her handmade gifts for him.  Yet the words never came when lips pressed against her. Making the empath gasp a little. The feeling of his lips brushed against hers sent shivers down her spine. The kiss it’s self was chase and quick, leaving her wanting more. Raven looked up at him with flushed cheeks before she kissed him this time.

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"Well I used a rather large mold, kind of ran out of cupcake and muffin tins." He shrug before leaning in across the counter. "Tell you what, I’ll help. but still no dishes until the whole thing is gone, okay?"

Raven went to get them a large glass of milk to share. ” Sounds like a plans." She said from over her shoulder before returning to the mountain of a cupcake. Leaning against the counter with him looking at the pastry with a little puzzled expression on her brow. Having no clue how to tackle the purple cake. 

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Happy birthday to me…[Open]


He chuckled and dipped her when she came in for another kiss, softly running his hands up her back. “You love it Roth.”

Raven let out a small little scream that turned into a little giggle when Jason dipped her. Wrapping her arms around his neck to support her from falling. Bright amethyst eyes smiling at him even if it wasn’t  show on her lips. “ And what if I do?" She asked a little coyly. 

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"Something that someone takes that doesn’t belong to them."


"Like what I saw just earlier when you left Kori’s room."

" You were not meant to see that.”


" Beside I’m just holding her dress ransom until she returns my boots back. That’s hardly stealing. “ 

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